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G.T.H. worked with a team of editors and
analysts in LA—at Story Merchant Books—
to finish these short novels, after improving
them ad nauseam—while pulling trailers
of steel and sheetrock thru the Mid-
Atlantic. Stories now have complete
arcs, climaxes, and conclusions.

"....with the juxtaposition of quiet           
          normalcy and violent events...."

the Bromeliad Trilogy

Free Birds

Up here on Casings

Truth, Beauty

"...young, twenty-something, living far from home for
the first time, yet still grappling with the unbreakable
ties of family and the aftermath of adolescence.”

"Hogan has given us amazing short novels,
clearly in his heart-mind for years."

Each story is FREE until the last 10 pages.

Last 10 pages is $10—or thereabouts.
(Reader chooses how much.)

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other short stories and poems

years of comments


First is a road trip about friends, love, America, and
tragedy. Second is about a guy with “Up” Syndrome
who harasses his younger cousin in the San Juans
without realizing it. Third is like a middle-class Great
Gatsby in New Orleans with a sexy older heroine.


stories are here:




and... (being recorded)


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